Our work

Our passion is graphic design in three-dimensional settings. We focus our creative energies on signage, design for exhibitions and projects in urban spaces. We understand signage to be an integral part of architecture: material, form and colour of lettering – whether for a large façade or a simple cloakroom – should integrate seamlessly into the environment. In the process, letters are transformed into objects. Our solutions are tailor-made: we carefully analyse each new scenario and draw on our love of experimentation and design. We are also specialised in designing visual identities, publications, websites and apps.


Bivgrafik was founded in 1991 as “Bringolf Irion Vögeli”. Today, our office is led by four partners: Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Elias Müller and Yvonne Schneider.


Our clients include cultural institutions; architectural firms and other companies in the building industry; public and private institutions in social services or education; small and mid-sized enterprises from private industry.