The mirrored signage for the exterior of the Lettenhalle Diessenhofen (a multipurpose hall) plays on the building’s two distinct glassed fronts. The latticework of the lettering establishes a link to the woven, iridescent metallic façade, causing the letters to dissolve when viewed up close and allowing them to retain their transparency. In the building's interior, the luminous green of the lettering stands in deliberate contrast to the black-and-white tones of the architecture.

  • Address:

    Alte Basadingerstrasse 7, 8253 Diessenhofen

  • New build:


  • Architecture:

    Graf Biscioni Architekten, Winterthur

  • Commissioned by:

    Stadtgemeinde Diessenhofen

  • Project team:

    Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Guillaume Mojon, Judith Stutz

  • Photography:

    Dirk Podbielski, Zurich; Bivgrafik (photo 4, 5)