The “Bienenkorb” (beehive), an office building from the 1950s is being renovated. Located on Zurich’s Hardturmstrasse, its front façade appears deceptively narrow, but the building extends almost all the way to the next street, Förrlibuckstrasse. Large, tapered numbers extend out of the façade to mark the four entrances. A unifying but flexible signage system provides information about the lively and highly diverse lessees in the building.

  • Address:

    Hardturmstrasse 169-175, 8005 Zurich

  • Renovations:


  • Architecture:

    Hans Roth, Zurich, 1952

  • Architecture and Renovation:

    Marazzi + Paul Architekten, Zurich/Gümligen

  • Commissioned by:

    PSP Real Estate AG, Zurich

  • Project team:

    Flavio Berther, Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Jonas Minnig, Yvonne Schneider, Ramona Tschuppert

  • Photography: