Energy company IBAarau didn’t just get a new name (Eniwa): it also moved into new headquarters. The new building has numerous wings with plenty of room for offices and the in-house workshop as well as the large maintenance depot. In the stairwells of the office building, the oversized sheet-copper letters designating the storeys have a sculptural quality; otherwise, the signage is understated, with a fine, silvery stroke width.

  • Address:

    Industriestrasse 25, Buchs AG

  • New build:


  • Architecture:

    Gautschi Lenzin Schenker Architekten, Aarau

  • Commissioned by:

    Eniwa AG, Buchs AG

  • Project team:

    Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Laura Moor, Yvonne Schneider, Judith Stutz

  • Photography: