Mirroring is the principal architectural motif at the four-star business hotel near Zug’s city centre. The striking façade with its dominant protrusions finds its counterpart in the sculpted tracts where the hotel rooms are located. The essence and form of the building’s materials are integrated in the lettering and translated into three-dimensions. By day, the lettering elements appear as sculptural objects; by night, their illuminated surface is visible from afar.

  • Address:

    Metallstrasse 20, 6304 Zug

  • New build:


  • Architecture:

    EM2N, Zurich

  • Commissioned by:

    MZ-Immobilien AG, Zug

  • Project team:

    Natalie Bringolf, David Bühler, Kristin Irion, Alexandra Noth, Judith Stutz

  • Photography:

    Roger Frei, Zurich (photo 1, 2, 7, 8); Bivgrafik