In the year 1977, NASA sent the space probe Voyager into outer space with “The Golden Record” on board. The sounds, images and music on the recording were intended to inform alien civilisations about life and culture on Earth.

Performer Simone Aughterlony has taken “The Golden Record” as a motif for her journey through time and space. Throughout her travels, a “globe” keeps her company. Our part in the production was to design an image for this world and to transfer it to the globe.

  • Concept and performance:

    Simone Aughterlony, Zurich

  • Musical direction:

    Marcel Blatti, Zurich/Berlin

  • Dramaturgy:

    Jorge León, Brussels

  • Lighting:

    Ursula Degen, Zurich

  • Design:

    Natalie Bringolf, David Bühler, Aline Dallo, Kristin Irion

  • Globe production:

    Luft & Laune, Zurich

  • Realisation: