The Arenenberg offers views over the Lake of Constance and caters to the very different interests of a wide variety of groups. The Castle Arenenberg houses the Napoleon Museum Thurgau and, together with the renovated park, is a popular tourist destination. At the same time, the Canton of Thurgau Centre for Agricultural Studies and Innovation operates several education programmes as well as a restaurant and conference hotel.

The comprehensive set of signage providing an overview of the site for all visitors has ornamental elements that underpin the historic character of the park.

  • Address:

    Arenenberg 1, Salenstein

  • Renovation:


  • Commissioned by:

    Hochbauamt Kanton Thurgau

  • Project team:

    Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Jonas Minnig, Yvonne Schneider, Judith Stutz

  • Product design:

    Fokusform, Zürich

  • Illustration map:

    Julia Marti, Zürich

  • Photography: