The new “Stettbach Mitte” development is located directly next to the busy square at the Stettbach railway station in Dübendorf. The development comprises two buildings that house commercial enterprises and offices, a kindergarten, and residential flats of various types. The courtyard of the “Längbau” offers green outdoor space for residents and a playground for the kindergarten. Below street level is a two-storey car park with some public parking. A narrow passageway between the houses leads from the railway station to the “Hochbord” neighbourhood.

Information about the entrances on all sides of the building is given on columns, site maps and panels. Angular, cast aluminium numbers as well as digits painted directly on the walls are used to mark entranceways and storeys.

  • Address:

    Am Stadtrand 1–29, Zürichstrasse 132/134, 8600 Dübendorf

  • New build:


  • Architecture:

    Michael Meier und Marius Hug Architekten, Zurich

  • Commissioned by:

    Anlagestiftung Turidomus und Anlagestiftung Pensimo, Zurich

  • Project team:

    Flavio Berther, Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Elias Müller, Carla Petraschke, Yvonne Schneider

  • Photography:

    Luis Hartl, Erlinsbach; Niklaus Spoerri, Zurich