The ensemble of buildings under heritage projection re-opened in the autumn of 2021 following major renovations and the construction of an extension. Dating back to 1895, the original Tonhalle and its two concert halls were designed by Viennese architects Fellner & Hellmer. For the 1939 national exhibition, architectural firm Haefeli Moser Steiger then renovated the building to create the modern “Kongresshaus” for fairs and trade shows.

Now, under the motto of “continuing to build” on an already existing building, the architects’ cooperative Boesch Diener Architekten has completed renovations and a building extension with new garden halls and a restaurant. The choice of font and materials used in the signage was guided by the historical building of 1939, with a discreet colour scheme lending a fresh touch.

  • Address:

    Claridenstrasse 5/7, 8002 Zurich

  • Renovation and expansion:


  • Architecture:

    ARGE Boesch Diener (Elisabeth und Martin Boesch Architekten, Zurich; Diener & Diener Architekten, Basel)

  • Commissioned by:

    City of Zurich, Amt für Hochbauten

  • Project team:

    Anina Amacker, Natalie Bringolf, Rahel Imboden, Kristin Irion, Nadine Ochsner, Yvonne Schneider, Judith Stutz

  • Digital signage:

    iart, Basel

  • Photography:

    Luis Hartl, Erlinsbach