With its move to the House of Museums, the Olten Museum of Nature was able to open a new permanent exhibition. The exhibition “Olten – naturally diverse” leads visitors on a physical and virtual tour of the diverse natural habitats in the Olten region, offering a first-hand experience of complex interrelationships in nature. With its fine colour scaling, the design elements support the exhibition’s thematic division, with illustrations rounding off the scenographic features.

  • Address:

    Kirchgasse 10, Olten

  • Opening:


  • Commissioned by:

    Naturmuseum Olten

  • Scenography:

    EMYL, Basel

  • Project team:

    Natalie Bringolf, Luis Hartl, Matthias Huber, Kristin Irion, Nadine Ochsner, Carla Petraschke, Yvonne Schneider

  • Illustrations:

    Anna Deér, Zurich; Caspar Klein, Olten

  • Photography:

    Mark Niedermann, Basel