In addition to offering education and vocational training to children and adolescents with a hearing impairment, the Landenhof centre also cares for preschool children and offers guidance to adolescents and young adults entering the professional world.

We created the print materials for the centre and, in 2016, developed its new website. From physical education to working in the large kitchen, the many images on the website presents of the Landenhof as a vibrant place of education and work – and life. Looking back on 180 years of history, the Landenhof also has a great deal of fascinating archived material, which is portrayed on the website along with input from teachers and students from their everyday life.

  • Commissioned by:

    Landenhof, Unterentfelden

  • Concept and design:

    David Bühler, Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Yvonne Schneider, Judith Stutz, Ramona Tschuppert

  • Text, editing:

    Gallati Kommunikation, Zurich

  • Photography:

    Niklaus Spoerri, Zurich

  • Programmed by:

    Hausformat, Aarau

  • Realisation: