Beckenhof, Zurich

The «Beckenhof» in Zurich, an estate under heritage protection, was renovated and refitted for its new tenant: TBF+Partner AG

The signage draws inspiration from the impressive baroque architectural style and, together with the arrangement and structural layout of the tenant’s business, forms an additional decorative element. In the distinguished main building – the manor – the ornamental lettering is set in brass. In all other buildings, letters are painted directly on the surface.


Address: Beckenhofstrasse 35, 8042 Zürich

Renovations: 2015

Architecture: Armon Semadeni Architekten GmbH, Zurich

Commissioned by: TBF+Partner AG, Zurich

Project team: Flavio Berther, Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Nadine Ochsner, Judith Stutz

Photography: Roman Keller, Zurich