Seon Schilder GmbH, Zurich

Seon Schilder GmbH develops signage families that are suitable for a variety of applications. Each family comprises a broad range of sign types whose forms are coordinated in complementary shapes, structures and functions. The signs are designed to be durable and timeless. They are manufactured in Switzerland.

The core element of Seon Schilder’s visual identity is a concise and distinctive word mark. As a contrast to the minimal materials of stainless steel and acrylic glass used in the sign systems, two fresh colours add an accent to the back of the office media. Additional applications include product sheets, price lists and the website.


Seon Schilder GmbH is a joint venture of David Weisser, Natalie Bringolf and Kristin Irion. David Weisser is owner of Fokus Form GmbH (product design, lighting design); Natalie Bringolf and Kristin Irion are partners at Bivgrafik GmbH (visual design).

Concept an design: Natalie Bringolf, Dominik Denzler, Kristin Irion, Mirko Leuenberger, Guillaume Mojon, Elias Müller

Commissioned by: Seon Schilder GmbH, Zürich

Realisation: 2015